KYO34303B - Ultima RB7 Kit - The newest generation of the Ultima series. Years of competition experience and the latest technology combine to create the new RB7. Features: 4mm shorter, 2.5mm thick, 7075 hard anodized aluminum chassis, delivers faster cornering and increased grip with optimized flex. Improved front knuckles/hubs provides better handling with updated ackerman location. New body and wing with integrated fin for more traction and stability. Gull-wing style front suspension arms for improved response, with optional front sway bar mounting positions. Multi-configuration rear suspension arms. (short/long via inserts) Aluminum rear suspension holders included in kit. Wing is now screw mounted and wing stay has improved durability. New design "waterfall" transmission brace. Updated ring captured universals for increased reliability. Includes lowered spring cups for high traction situations