SYN1001 - Synapse Lite Digital Computerized Controller - Synapse Lite: Compact and exceptionally light Main features: . Managed by Digital Computerized System . Firmware update allowed for new features (requires USBasp connector adapter) . Setup Mode Bottom: 4 best curves choose for your best racings . Automatic Motor Recognition (1/32 and 1/24 scale) with autonomous feedback adjustment system . Adaptive Brake response with Anti-Brake integrated . Sensibility Pot . Choke Pot . Trigger travel adjusts – Make your owner adjust . Compact and light box . Simply circuit board with High Tec power frame . Pad less trigger system for smooth drive experience . Lowest voltage drop 0.01v . Controller protected against faulty hook-ups . Ease maintenance with simple separate power replace frame . Worldwide track pin-out: White(+) Red(-) Black(track); . 12v to 16v input voltage range (minimum and maximum); . Fast recovery regulated voltage power supply (track); . Maximum HF noise 2vp-p; . Humidity 10% to 85% noncondensing; . Maximum load Drain 20 Amps constant 120 peak;